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About our Fine Art Photography and Per-Andre Hoffmann:

Per-Andre is mixed German-Norwegian, raised in Brazil, schooled in the USA, London (Royal Navy Boarding School) and (West) Germany. He acquired his Master Degree in Visual Communications in Stuttgart, Germany.

A few of Per-Andre's engagements include:

- Work as photographer and writer for worldwide publications (in example Stern, GEO, National Geographic Magazine, Vogue, Time, Forbes, The Times, US-Today, LeFigaro, Cosmopolitan, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and many more). His text articles have also appeared in all major German newspapers and magazines.
- Regular work for worldwide tourism- and communications ministries, airline automobile-, photo- and tourism companies.
- Solo exhibit in Ayala Museum, in over twenty five National Geographic Exhibitions and various others worldwide.
- Media consultant for various governments, (ie the Philippines, Brazil, Taiwan, South-Korea, Cuba).
- CANON Brand Ambassador and "CANON LEGEND" .
- Speaker and Resource for CHED, the Philippines Commission on Higher Education, with expertise on the Internationalization of Education.
- Consultant for various Universities, creating photography courses, seminars and short courses. Per-Andre is a very popular professor and guest speaker.
- Awardee of international awards including three First Prizes (2018/2019/2020) in Europe’s prestigious PR-Photo-Award.

- Numerous Press articles, Radio- and TV-features about Per-Andre in the international media.

Looking at his images it is clear why the International Photo Press named Per-Andre the "Magician of Light".

And when the editor-in-chief of GEO (the famous magazine) published his photos from a warzone GEO 

wrote “Per-Andre Hoffmann risks his head and neck for a good shot". Per-Andre says “basically, I presume

GEO meant "I was a young fool, who took on risky assignments very few in their clear mind would consider".

CLICK right photo for a recent article on Cuba's President Fidel Castro and Per-Andre, his work and style   >  >  >

His activities also include: In Manila Per-Andre is a major sponsor for the National Children's Hospital, he donated several Child Care Centers in typhoon-devastated areas and built a kindergarden in the remote Compostela Valley, Mindanao.

In Makati City he was seven years Board member, Director of Welfare and President of the German Club, a prestigious Business Club in Makati City (Manila's posh business district). 

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