Eastern Mediterannean: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Arabia, Holy Land (Ottoman Empire)


Now available!  Highest quality reproductions of the world's best preserved Murillo Velarde Maps 1734 (and 1744 in color!)  Our reproduction is so exquisite it is to be exhibited in  the Philippines National Museum). This unique version is perfectly preserved and, unlike all known other originals, there are no major misalignments, faded or missing parts or texts, no ugly stains, shadows or discolorations, no folds or tears, and all texts are clearly legible . In addition our Murillo Velarde Maps are absolutely perfectly printed, super detailed, with lightfast Japanese pigments on heavy 320' German canvas, in 1:1 original size and assumed paper color. According to the National Museum, this is the world's best preserved version and most perfectly printed. This original Murillo Velarde Map is priceless, in a private collection and not for sale. This unique reproduction is exclusively available by "Memories of the Orient" Fine Art Gallery. 

Asia, SEA , Philippines and one Australia


World Maps and Varia

We offer Historical Maps from all over the world, all continents, regions,  countries, cities... (available in various sizes) .

MemoriesOfTheOrienthas purchased over three hundred original, antique maps. We have created highest quality giclee fine art reprints with lightfast pigments (not inks) and heavy cotton rag (not paper). We have restored them, removed the most disturbing see-through-parts of the original maps backside and cleaned up all unfavorable stains and folds, typical for these antique art works. The results are super detailed, highest quality and very decorative reprints of historical maps - great for stylish homes, business clubs and lounges, exclusive restaurants and pubs, board rooms and executive spaces.