Original photographs, created with Vintage charm, published and exhibited worldwide, hand signed and numbered - Limited Edition of worldwide only one hundred each. These stunning images are delicately transformed onto heavy Vintage Hahnemühle Cotton Rag, using the most lightfast, longlasting Lucia Pigments.

Most art works are 13 x 19 inches in size  (without frame) and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Panorama and larger formats available.

This series was exhibited in various Museums, published worldwide, and also presented in a  Kalender by DuMont - voted one of the Best Kalenders of that year.

The Vintage Series

A rare vintage scene “LOST IN TIME” - ethnic hut in the Philippine Cordilleras, Philippines.

In 1993 Per-Andre Hoffmann spent four months traversing the Philippine Cordilleras for a famous magazine. He photographed over ten thousand photos (slide film) of ethnic people, cultures, scenes and landscapes Together with his team he would explore some of the Philippines most remote mountain areas, going wherever the jeep, a road or jungle path would take them. In a inaccessible part of the Mountains Per-Andre found Tinguian People in their mountain hut, which Per-Andre described as one of the most magical places he has ever witnessed. Sometimes he and his team would spend days hiking to the most remote of settlements. And sometimes they would find people, rituals and places even Filipino Anthropologists were unaware still existed, including Per-Andre's famous image of a Tinguian Hunting hut (and a Boar Hunter in a traditional guinit rain coat - see description below).

During the hot summer months, this Tinguian family from the valley has moved up into the cooler climate of the higher Cordilleras Mountains. This family will spend a few weeks in their mountain refuge, fishing, hunting wildfowl, small deer and wild pigs with their hunting dog. This straw hut was built by their distant forefathers, maintained and used by generation after generation. It was built atop this isolated limestone cliff for protection from animals, rival tribesmen and other unsavory visitors - of which there were many (this was a land of cannibals). At times of peril two palm tree bridges would be pulled in. This Tinguian hut is adorned with typical ethnic artifacts, including buffalo, monkey and human skulls, a hunting spear, an ancient axt, a calebasse with water, flowers, fruits and provisions, and the "bulul", a male rice deity. Firewood is stored under the hut. Also a little wooden doll is hanging form the pine tree.

This is a happy time for the family, bonding, hunting and enjoying the peacefulness and quiet of Mother Nature. Most of these indigenous lifestyles and scenes are forever lost in time, never to be remembered other than on these rare vintage images. The photograph was "stitched" to allow a wider format, including the Luzon Flameback woodpecker on the left pines. There is also a lizard in the bushes AND a gecko hidden for viewers to find. This image was on a museum-poster of Per-Andre's 2009 solo-exhibition in the Ayala Museum, it was exhibited in various prestigious museums worldwide and is part of renowned collections.

"Lost in Time" series of the Philippines