FAQ's and how to buy?

How can I order?
M'Orient: Kindly email Edianna at memoriesoftheorient at gmail.com (or use the form below).

She will gladly discuss the perfect variations and prices for your requirements.
- we ship within one week (DHL or other courier)
- we accept PayPal, bank transfer, CoD, Gcash
- you will receive information on your art work
- all Fine Art Photography is hand-signed, numbered and with a "Certificate of Authenticity"

What are the prices of your Fine Art?
M'Orient: We have hundreds of art works (Original Fine Art Photographs and high quality reproductions of Historical Maps), various sizes for each and different materials. Kindly email us so we may discuss the best variation for you personally.

Can I order Fine Art Photography Prints numbered with my personal birth year?
M'Orient: Yes, if available we will accommodate all personal requests.

Where else can I buy your Fine Art?
M'Orient: Our Fine Art Photography is -apart from us directly- only offered by the Saatchi Gallery in Los Angeles, USA.
Some similar Historical Maps can be purchased at Auctions. Our Historical Maps are however the best available version of that particular Historical Map and are exclusively available at MemoriesOfTheOrient.

Do you sell the original Historical Maps?
M'Orient:  We may consider offering selected original Historical Maps in our own collection (regarding maps not our own we will gladly refer you to the respective merchant). Kindly email which Historical Map you wish to purchase.

Do you have other Historical Maps, not found on the website?
M'Orient: Yes, definitely, we have a very wide selection. Please just email us what city, region or country you like and we will email you what we have. 

How long will your art works keep their brilliance and quality?
M'Orient: We use only highest quality, Japanese pigment-based inks and archival Fine Art Papers. Our materials ensure utmost quality, durability and lightfast ...super details
Most prints use low-cost dye-based inks. But, dyes are merely water colors - they are greatly affected by the environment. Dyes fade in the sunlight or bleed when they get wet. Our pigments however are microscopic solid particles that are suspended in a liquid solution. These solid particles are very durable and resilient and do not break down because of environmental conditions. Pigments will not fade and are mostly water resistant. In addition to greater durability, pigment-based inks result in much better overall image quality.
In addition our prints are treated with a Chroma Optimizer ,a “clear coat” layer to protect and further enhance the quality and uniformity of light reflection.
Your art work will still be enjoyed by your great-grandchildren and longer.

Do you offer framing?
M'Orient: Yes, we offer exquisite hand-made wooden frames, but only for delivery or pick-up in Singapore or Metro Manila. We do not ship framed art works with glas.